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News and statements on current topics concerning the energy transition, climate protection and the necessary development towards worldwide wealth.

Proposals and topics for discussion to politicians
Policymakers can only work with what is possible according to the state of the art. We are drastically shifting this state of the art and thus creating new possibilities.

The fundamentally different philosophy
The way of thinking determines which product developments are possible at all. Mental barriers can be much more important than technical ones.

How to become an ignoramus?
There are various forums about photovoltaics and building. There, the experts agree very quickly that I'm just writing nonsense.

High energy prices make home ownership more affordable
The invoice for a GEMINI next Generation house is split between private share and energy system. The energy system is registered as a company entitled to deduct input tax.

The EFH is dead, long live the new EFH! The EFH is dead, long live the new EFH!
But why is everything concentrated so close to the 0 line? It is a failure due to wrong target setting. People have focused only on reducing space heating demand.

E-fuels are not CO2 neutral
E-fuels optimistic with future perfected production: 17 kWh per liter gasoline 19 kWh per liter diesel

Extremely unscientific climate change activists
The proposed measures must be acceptable to the population. The technical and economic possibilities must be taken into account.

The established car industry has no will to survive The established car industry has no will to survive
A tour made abundantly clear the new attitude of car manufacturers in the EU and Japan: "Only buy premium" and "Your poverty pisses me off".

We are the counter movement We are the counter movement
As a shareholder, employee or homebuyer, you also become part of the countermovement against many negative developments in our society that are detrimental to our survival.

40 W photovoltaics per inhabitant and year
The scale of solar power development: what can a family of 4 in a somewhat sunnier country do with a given amount of photovoltaics?

The coal power instead of nuclear power madness
Nuclear power plants hinder energy transition in Europe. How do you come up with such nonsensical statements? Quite simply, through battery denial.

State of the art battery technology
Lithium Iron Phosphate over 200 Wh/kg - Sodium is there like salt in the sea - CATL announces 500 Wh/kg.

Legitimate demands for climate protectors
Subsidies for photovoltaic and battery production - Land for energy - Restart of all functioning nuclear power plants

Germany must not become North Korea
“What is more important? The survival of democracy or the survival of humanity? Would a climate dictatorship be justified if it saved humanity?”

The true cost of the green felt
Graichen is only the tip of the iceberg. The felt led to a negatively cost-optimized energy turnaround.

Heat pump: market economy versus forced economy
Renew heat pump instead of gas burner in old building? I didn't get an offer: Heat pump companies are cherry pickers, cake is not good enough.

Expose and disempower charlatans
The problem of climate change has become so big because charlatans pretend to be able to solve the problem. It is time to tackle the problem scientifically!

Total madness: batteries forgotten
Exporting electricity at negative prices during the day and importing it at positive prices at night. The consequences of ideological delusion and dogmatic stubbornness.

The heat pump and the old building
When looking at the statistics on heat pumps in old buildings, it must also be remembered that the switch to heat pumps was made for economic reasons.

Conference of Mayors in Upper Austria Conference of Mayors in Upper Austria
Global prosperity and planetary restoration instead of destroying society with constant “save restrict renounce” demands.

Counter theses to central dogmas of the climate protectionists Counter theses to central dogmas of the climate protectionists
Is there really only one way to 100 rrenewable energy? Is there really only one way to protect the climate? Is the target sufficient and achievable?

Revenue-neutral CO2 tax vs. bans Revenue-neutral CO2 tax vs. bans
Bans instead of free market economy. Restrictions and coercion instead of effective CO2 reduction. All of this can also be summed up in a single word: Misanthropy.

Russia 1917 - California today
If you look only at GNP per capita, California should be paradise on earth. If you look at the details, however, it is hell on earth.

Design of mental weapons of mass destruction
Example climate change: create an artificial argument about it in such a way that no matter whether climate activists or climate deniers win, it is a disaster in both cases.

Enable dispute again
There are “scientists for the future”, but the question of how and when 350 ppm CO2 will be reached again is answered with droning silence.

How much grid expansion is necessary?
A cost comparison is impossible because there is no working assumption. You cannot compare a wooden model with a car because the wooden model cannot drive.

The 1 million hectares program The 1 million hectares program
Functional energy transition, affordable housing, genuine climate protection, reduce land requirements, reduce old-age poverty, increase far too low birth rate

Penny and the environmental impact costs
So, does the €2.35 surcharge filter the CO2 for the production of this food out of the atmosphere and reverse the soil pollution?

Tax system harmful for people, environment and economy
Man can no longer afford man. That is why this tax system is harmful to people. Tax system prevents necessary fast conversions.

Enabling hope for a better future
If you support these completely new ways of thinking by buying shares, then in a few years you won't just be able to say “I contributed”.

Manhunt in Germany: Aiwanger
Here are 3 statements that call into question Aiwanger's qualifications to be Minister of Economics. But what is he being hounded with? With a strange paper from his school days.

Greece and Morocco
It must be prevented at all costs that the policy makes further restrictions on available building land, because otherwise housing becomes unaffordable.

Science was leveraged
Was criticism of Lyssenko's socialist biology possible under Stalin? Is criticism of the storage-less energy transition possible among uneducated green dogmatists?

Misguided developments in the energy transition
Anyone who is not 100% in our favor is an enemy, a paid lobbyist for the fossil fuel companies, and you can't talk to them. With this attitude, corrections are impossible.

Cultural decay in technical consulting
I visited a large electronics chain, the name is completely irrelevant, because there will be no significant difference to others.

Elon Musk: Humanism against extinctionists
While humanist-governed countries do more than solve their own problems, we are seeing a steep decline in regions where the latter group dominates.

Different policies in Europe on the single-family house
House construction up to 70sqm does not require building permits and formalities. The authorities are deprived of the possibility of raising objections to the investment.

Stolen future, a society at the end
For almost two decades, I have been writing about Germany “The Land of Heavy-Bearing Concerns.” The burden of concerns is so heavy that they almost collapse.

Enabling more solar power through better organization
Even if the grid operator thinks 4 kW is the maximum, then 24 hours times 4 kW is still 96 kWh. Daily yield of a 16 kW system on a sunny summer day.

Marshall Plan for Palestinians Marshall Plan for Palestinians
Learn from history! In any case, defusing the conflict is much cheaper than risking a third world war. Would only cost 1.25 years of US military budget.

Cost optimization of the energy transition through synergy
The lease price for the 1 million hectares of land for energy program for Germany would be 600 TWh of electricity. What the state does with the lease price is then a political decision.

Comprehensive new philosophy required
A society is at its end when more and more people can hardly or no longer afford the basic need of housing. GEMINI next generation is so much more than just a house.

Cost optimization of the energy transition
For a generously calculated outlay of €200 billion, which would be €20 per square meter of purchased grassland, the German state would receive 600 TWh/a in rent.

COP 28 and what is needed
False targets such as net zero emissions lead to catastrophically wrong forecasts and prevent investment in vital new industries.

Alternative to the COP 28 disaster - Vision for the world and Germany
No, at first glance at this press release it was clear to every journalist in the 45 mass media in Austria and Germany that this was not in line with the newspaper line.

Renovate historically valuable buildings, otherwise lots of new buildings
New technology for the GEMINI next generation house could also be used in the renovation of old buildings with valuable facades.

About houses of cards and houses of the future
House of cards: successful short-term speculation and insolvency records. Future house: a positive change in civilization, long-term success.

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