The coal power instead of nuclear power madness

Nuclear power plants hinder energy transition in Europe. How do you come up with such nonsensical statements? Quite simply, through battery denial.

  Zwentendorf and the false advertising

I, too, was once young and stupid. On November 5, 1978, there was a referendum in Austria on the commissioning of the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant. The advertising line of the proponents was very stupid: "Without Zwentendorf, the lights go out".

If I had been told that Zwentendorf would be replaced by coal-fired power, if I had been told that a coal-fired power plant is far more radioactive than a nuclear power plant, I would have voted for Zwentendorf.

  Claudia Kemfert: "Nuclear power plants hinder energy transition in Europe".

How do you come to such nonsensical statements? Quite simply, through battery denial. Without accumulators, so much solar power and wind power comes all at once, and the nuclear power plants can't be regulated down fast enough. Thus the lines with bad atomic electricity are clogged and the good river does not come into the net.

Absurd? There is hardly anything absurd that is not backed up by pseudoscience. I can document this battery denial since 2013. At that time, a study claimed that an electric luxury car would have 28 kWh battery. At that time, the Tesla S had 85 kWh battery. Today, it goes up to 150 kWh with the most powerful removable battery from NIO.

Here to my video with critique on this study.

From the same pseudo-scientific institution there is also a study where there are far too few batteries even in 2050.

Here to my video with critique on this study.

Without batteries, inefficient peak load power plants have to cope with rapid load changes. On sunny days, these are the price peaks in the early morning and evening hours.

  Destructive power of false studies

False studies can destroy entire industries. VW thought for far too long that all future problems had been solved with the fraud software for diesel engines. The electric car would remain an insignificant niche product.

VW sold 38% less in China in Q1 2023 than a year ago. China is 1/3 of the world's car market. People started electric cars way too late and are now significantly behind Chinese manufacturers. For example, articles "The Chinese are light years ahead of us" just appeared.

The destruction of the German auto industry began in 1992 with the Rügen Experiment, whose sole aim was to portray the electric car as useless.

  Reinhold Messner, nature and alternative energies

"Alternative energy is pointless if it destroys the very thing you're trying to protect through it: nature."

Huge open-field plants with photovoltaics, aisles through the forest to set up wind turbines, monocultures with corn for gas, I strictly refuse to use the greenwashing name "biogas". Can't it be more environmentally friendly?

For this purpose I made already in 2021 the study

1 ha corn field for gas production, has no biodiversity and a ridiculous 16 MWh/a electricity yield. 1 ha "Land for Energy" on the other hand offers living space for 16 families, high biodiversity with flowering meadows and with 720 MWh also 45 times more electricity yield.

10,000 km² of "land for energy" is housing for 16 million families and 720 TWh of electricity output. Much less than the 26,000 km² in Germany where monocultures are currently grown for gas and fuel.

This study calculated 900 TWh net electricity demand, 1,400 GW photovoltaics, 4,000 GWh batteries, 180 GW power to methane, 50 km³ underground gas storage and 80 GW combined cycle power plants. In the annual balance, there would then be a shortfall of 245 TWh of thermal energy in the gas storage facilities. Electricity production in the winter half-year with CCGT power plants required more methane than could be produced in the summer half-year with power to methane.

Key findings from this study:
  • CCGT power plants were switched on and off an average of only 2 times during the winter half-year, so they can run for many weeks at the best possible efficiency.
  • In the winter half of the year some AKW would be quite useful
  • Due to the low efficiency of power to methane to combined cycle power plant, 1 kWh of nuclear power in winter replaces 3.6 kWh of solar power in summer
When will there be 1400 GW of photovoltaics in Germany? Very optimistically in 2050. In France, many old nuclear power plants were undergoing maintenance last year. In this scenario, the summer half-year would be for maintenance and the winter half-year for electricity production.

  Not 100rrenewable energy, but 350 ppm CO2 is the target

Of course, in this scenario, we could easily import 245 TWh of methane produced with power to methane in countries further south. But the main problem is far too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

100rrenewable energy must be considered only as a stage goal, the real goal is the planentensanitation back to 350 ppm CO2. One kWh of nuclear power in winter would thus allow in these more southern countries to use 3.6 kWh of solar power for planentensanitation instead of methane production, 0.6 kg less CO2 in the atmosphere.

  Interview from the Off-Grid Fair Augsburg

The Fair Augsburg published all interviews from the off-grid fair 11 days ago.

  Become a shareholder from 200 €

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          The coal power instead of nuclear power madness: Nuclear power plants hinder energy transition in Europe. How do you come up with such nonsensical statements? Quite simply, through battery denial.