Expose and disempower charlatans

The problem of climate change has become so big because charlatans pretend to be able to solve the problem. It is time to tackle the problem scientifically!


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the term charlatan? A covered wagon somewhere in a small town in the Wild West, with the inscription "Dr. Wunderlich's medicine for everything.

  Charlatans have greatly delayed climate protection

The problem of climate change has become so big because charlatans pretend to be able to solve the problem. There one can trust a Gesundbeter or Handaufleger more, than one of these "saving restricting renouncing" preachers. It is time to tackle the problem scientifically!

Let's start there in 1992 at the first climate conference in Rio. Growth of the population, growth of the economy was quite well known at that time. The potential of photovoltaic and wind energy was also known. The rule that in an emerging industry the price drops by 20% every time the world market doubles was also known.

The potential of new battery technology could also be estimated. Where were the demands in Rio for the expansion of global production of photovoltaics and wind energy, the battery research initiative and electromobility?

That would have been the scientific approach, but we experienced only the charlatan approach.

  Photovoltaics from 0.08 to 350 GW annual production

From 0.08 GW world production in 1992 to a forecast 350 GW in 2023 is an increase of 31% per year. Let's calculate an increase of 36% per year instead of 31%. That would be 1,100 GW of annual production, still too little, but a little closer to the goal. So only China did the right thing, the rest of the world much too little. With even stronger measures, 41% could have been achieved. That would be 3,380 GW of annual production. One year's production would reduce CO2 emissions by 3 Gt. Only a few years away from planetary restoration, filtering CO2 from the atmosphere and splitting it into carbon and oxygen until 350 ppm is reached again.

What would have happened if electromobility had been declared a state objective and the goal of all environmentalists? At that time, Dr. Franz Winterberg invested 10 million DM of his private fortune in battery research, but the answer of the German cartel in 1995 was: "Oil is cheap and eternal, the electric car will never come". I think that at least 100 start-ups, most of them much better equipped financially, would have invested in battery research, and the cartel would not have been able to refuse.

So, however, the first electric car drivers in their extremely modest CityEl were called nuclear power fetishists by the charlatans, and the car companies didn't care whether they were called environmental sows for diesel cars or electric cars.

We would probably have had the current spread of electric cars by 2013. The ban on the registration of internal combustion vehicles in the EU would then probably have come into force on December 31, 2022.

  Charlatans stir up hatred against climate protection

Charlatans have usurped the issue of climate protection. Charlatans enjoy stirring up panic. Charlatans never blame themselves for their failures. Their own failure is always the fault of billion-dollar campaigns by large corporations.

Once you've begun to believe this constant narrative, you're left puzzling over how an African (Elon Musk) and a son of poor farmers (Wang Chuanfu, founder of BYD) could succeed in plunging the fossil fuel auto industry into an existential crisis.

This week I was at Lake Constance to visit a new house with 30 kW photovoltaics. On the way back I called some acquaintances in Munich to visit them.

RM: Servus, I am now doing ClimateProtectionConsiderationHouses.
ER: What is the point of climate protection?
RM: We have a very serious problem there.
ER: With 0.01°? I can calculate!
RM: I can do better math!

And already the connection to a person whom I had classified as intelligent and educated for 20 years was broken. This is how much hatred the charlatans have successfully stirred up against climate protection.

The only effective remedy against it: Real effective climate protection is only possible with WWW - worldwide prosperity, as proof the opening of the first 5 GEMINI next generation houses in Unken.

  250,000 t of stones from Golling to Leube

I was at an information event of the Green Party on the Salzburg subway and its continuation as a railroad on the surface to the south in Hallein. There, for example, it was argued that 250,000 tons of stone could then be transported per year from the quarry in Golling 22 km to the Leube plant in St. Leonhard by rail instead of by truck. What this saves in CO2! Rail instead of truck.

Another argument, this is to deceive ordinary citizens to justify the insane waste of money S-Link. This is what I would like to say:

250,000 t divided by 250 working days is 1,000 t per day. That's 50 truck trips per day, which can be handled by 15 trucks. Until the S-Link arrives, electric trucks will be the standard, and not a cent of taxpayers' money will have to be invested. Because the electric trucks are so much more economical that no buyer will dare to replace the old diesel scrap with new diesel scrap.

What else could be said about this: Electric trucks will vary in price depending on their intended use. For long distances, 1,200 kWh batteries with 500 Wh/kg will probably be used. For delivery traffic, 500 kWh will be sufficient, and cheaper batteries can be used. But that would be pure factory traffic, from the quarry to the mine. Here, 200 kWh from the cheapest sodium battery is sufficient. Such a truck would be much cheaper to buy than a diesel truck.

  The difference between association member and shareholder

A club member donates his membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a stock corporation. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or homebuyer, you will also become part of the countermovement against many negative developments in our society that are detrimental to our survival.

A new shareholder said "I with my very modest investment", but 4,000 times 1,000 € is also 4 million for all investments until the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for worldwide expansion.

Only the Annual General Meeting can resolve the major capital increases, but here is what the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can resolve. The new capital stock is used to perfect the documents for the larger planned capital increases.

Here are the details.
          Expose and disempower charlatans: The problem of climate change has become so big because charlatans pretend to be able to solve the problem. It is time to tackle the problem scientifically! https://2023.pege.org/05-28/