Conference of Mayors in Upper Austria

Global prosperity and planetary restoration instead of destroying society with constant “save restrict renounce” demands.

On June 14, the Upper Austrian Conference of Mayors took place in the TIZ Schlierbach (Technology and Innovation Center). I was invited to give a 1/2 hour presentation on the GEMINI next Generation House.

100 renewable energy is only a stage goal
A planetary cleanup back to 350 ppm CO2 must be the goal of all our efforts. This is more costly than just the stage goal of 100 rneuerbare Energie. The sections of the previous day
Video product presentation * The GEMINI next generation house * Cost and financing of a house * Land costs * Climate change - humanity at the crossroads Video: Set up house on the river and project Unken
Present the living value of an 85 m² house with basement on 70 m² without basement by variable room division and drawers as basement replacement. The grid connection is only for the sale of electricity
It has been like this for thousands of years: Some farmers sell their harvest immediately, when everyone else is also selling, and get a poor price. Sunny Sunday: the best time to charge electric car
When prices are negative, people will of course not sell electricity, but store as much as possible. In the batteries of the house, in the batteries of the electric cars. Home ownership cheaper than rental apartment
An owning society is much more crisis-proof. We want to make not only more home ownership possible, but also energy ownership: own electricity production. Home ownership possible from € 2,600 household income
With the 40% rule, this allows for €200,000 in housing credit for the home and the land. The energy system is financed separately and pays for itself. From loan repayment to additional income
The energy system will be paid off after 15 to 20 years. When the housing loan is gone after 30 years, you suddenly have additional income: Proceeds from the sale of electricity. We will offer affordable houses
If our new types of houses are to be the basis for a functioning energy transition, they must also be affordable for the population. But where are there enough affordable properties?
Massive volumes are needed to play a leading role in the energy transition. We need to think about the need for footprints today. Use comparison 1 ha maize for biogas vs 1 ha settlement area
“We need 2 Earths“ is an urgent reminder that space optimization is necessary and we need to stop senseless inefficient waste of space. 1 ha settlement with 12 GEMINI Standard and 4 GEMINI XL houses
50 times more electricity yield than with the biogas from the cornfield. In addition, living space for 16 families and habitat for many animals and plants that can not live on the cornfield. In the center of the settlement is a 5.4 m wide access road
This access road is covered with a photovoltaic 18 m wide. More solar power and no winter maintenance, such as snow removal and spreading de-icer, required. Garages are located to the left and right of the access road
The garages have u=0.15 for wall and ceiling. The garage door has u=0.28. It is heated to 12° to 15° in winter, which saves electricity for electric cars. Left and right of the access road is for much more space
than just for garages and parking space. Shaded sunbathing areas by the swimming pool, a gazebo, various sports activities. The 18 m wide photovoltaic is also parasol and umbrella
for many activities. Here as an example table tennis tables. Children can play outdoors even in rainy weather. A pessimistic society without dreams and visions of the future
will crumble. Concrete solutions for a higher standard of living and a stable society instead of constant scaremongering about how terrible the future will be. Connection for heating a swimming pool as standard
GEMINI next generation houses have standard connections for swimming pool heating, garage heating and keeping sidewalks and driveway ice-free. Why study a lot, work a lot, when the dream of owning your own home
becomes unfulfillable even for higher earners? A system that offers no motivations will end up with a completely motivationless population. We combine the dream of home ownership
with society's dream of 100 rrenewable energy. Using synergy effects of the GEMINI next generation house to make both affordable. Rural areas have a higher birth rate than cities
important for the demographic problem. Sufficient housing for children in a child-friendly environment must not be an unaffordable luxury. Standard of living should be measured among the poorest 20%
the richest 80% are better off. A society cannot be called rich if the super-rich drive through the tent cities of the homeless poor. Intensive agriculture unequal to nature
The worst greenwashing is the term “organic corn“ and “biofuel“. These areas for settlements with ClimateProtectionSuperiorityHouses and renaturation. A new sustainable building standard
How many similar houses can be produced within 30 years with the surplus electricity of one house? The replication factor provides the answer. Do we want to continue living like this in the future?
Urban canyons, sidewalks in between, parked cars, moving cars. Very serious thought should be given to whether this is appropriate for an emerging civilization. 100 renewable energy is also possible with solar power alone
Only 2 things have been forgotten in the German energy transition: Day/night balancing with batteries, summer/winter balancing with power to methane or methanol. Dedicate building land, electricity as a lease price
Convert grassland to building land around high-priced cities; the lease must be paid with electricity. 600 MWh/a would be €60,000 lease per ha valued at 10 cents/kWh. The contradictions in the IPCC report
There are studies on many effects with a wide scattering of results. Nevertheless, it is always emphasized “net zero emission“ and everything will be fine again. Net zero emissions will not be sufficient
The 1.5° target is unachievable for the next 1/2 century, net zero emissions totally insufficient, only a planetary cleanup, back to 350 ppm CO2 will help. The parable of net zero emissions and planet remediation
Let's imagine very cold December days in Scandinavia. You can choose either to take a CityEl from Oslo to Trondheim. Planetary renovation is much more costly than net-zero emissions
But I'd rather take a Tesla Y from Oslo to Hammersfest than the CityEl from Oslo to Trondheim. An intact society with a clear goal can do much more! Humanity at the crossroads
Continue with “Save Restrict Renounce“ towards self-destruction or towards global prosperity to create the conditions for planetary restoration.

The lecture was very well received.

  How much battery per kW photovoltaic?

This weekend, the negative prices on the spot market are taking a break. But if 10 GW of photovoltaics are added annually in Germany, the resulting problems on the electricity market will be dramatic.

2.5 kWh battery per kW photovoltaic for a demand-based power supply is sufficient, assuming the usual lower power demand in the night.

3 kWh battery per kW photovoltaic are necessary for the steady operation of power to methane plants, because they also run at night.

But what if there are negative prices for several hours on a sunny day? The 2.5 kWh per kW of photovoltaics are designed to both charge the battery and feed into the grid when there is a lot of sunshine. In the case of negative prices, however, only the EEG plants will feed into the grid; the difference between the negative price and the spot market price is paid by the taxpayer.

For this purpose, we will make simulations with which battery equipment how much profit can be achieved in different scenarios.

  Educated realists vs. ideologues and dogmatists

My last newsletter about heat pumps and old buildings led to the exclusion from the Eurosolar Austria groups. This is remarkable, since I am, after all, Eurosolar awardee. The fundamental problem with ideologues and dogmatists is that no discussion is possible. There are no factual arguments, only the accusation of apostasy. Apostasy means falling away from the one true faith.

With their absurd campaigns, these self-proclaimed “climate protectors” only ensure that more and more people become avowed climate deniers.

  The difference between association member and shareholder

A club member donates his membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a stock corporation. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or homebuyer, you will also become part of the countermovement against many negative developments in our society that are detrimental to our survival.

A new shareholder said “I with my very modest investment”, but 4,000 times 1,000 € is also 4 million for all investments until the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for worldwide expansion.

Only the Annual General Meeting can resolve the major capital increases, but here is what the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can resolve. The new capital stock is used to perfect the documents for the larger planned capital increases.

Here are the details.
          Conference of Mayors in Upper Austria: Global prosperity and planetary restoration instead of destroying society with constant “save restrict renounce” demands.