Russia 1917 - California today

If you look only at GNP per capita, California should be paradise on earth. If you look at the details, however, it is hell on earth.

  Mental Weapons of Mass Destruction

The first use of a mental weapon of mass destruction was the dropping of the Lenin bomb on Russia. Germany was able to eliminate Russia as an enemy of war. The consequences were devastating and had an impact for 8 decades.

Lyssenko must also be counted as a direct consequence. Lyssenko's unscientific theories were forcibly implemented and led to devastating famines. Most recently in China, in 1958.

The gigantic losses of the Red Army in the Winter War against Finland must also be seen as a direct consequence. Political officers obsessed with dogma and ideology drove Red Army soldiers against machine-gun positions.

As a direct result, Hitler thought conquering Russia was a Sunday stroll. Without the use of Lenin's bomb, would there have been a Cold War at all? The Korean War and Vietnam War must also be counted as direct consequences.

  California today

If you look only at GNP and GNP per capita, California should be paradise on earth. If you look at the details, however, it is hell on earth.

I recommend to have a look at the following YouTube channels. California has almost twice the per capita GNP of Germany. Economically, California has proven in the past that it can achieve enormous things. What is happening there is absolute madness. When a government and a population become so insane, one suspicion is obvious: the use of a mental weapon of mass destruction.

  Standard of living of the poorest 20%

Of course, if you belong to the elite, California is great. But if you look at the standard of living of the poorest 20 er population, California is a disaster area. Homeless people have a life expectancy that is decades shorter. Whoever is responsible for the circumstances of such mass homelessness needs to be charged with mass murder.

  Every idea must be carefully checked for consequences

In the past, kings had tasters. If the taster keels over dead, then you had better throw that food away and open the hunt for the assassin. However, wrong ideas can be just as deadly as poisoned food.

Therefore, all the ideas of a "modern society" must also be carefully examined to see if they are not ideas for self-destruction of society. California was certainly once considered one of the most modern societies, and today we see self-destruction.

With computers, there are lots of viruses and malware. There are a lot of victims of such malware. Hackers try to spread this malware to extort or destroy real or imagined enemies. In the case of computer viruses, there are methods to prevent antivirus programs from working.

  Cancel culture and cancel any discussion

The first sure sign of destructive ideas, ideologies and dogmas is the ban on discussion and organized attacks on dissenters.

For this I recommend this video from a game theorist
  • I do not discuss with you
  • I break off the discussion because of their stupid views
  • You don't talk to right-wing radicals
  • You don't talk to Nazis
  • You do not talk to racists
  • No response to arguments, but immediate insults
Those who spread a harmful ideology naturally want to protect it as best they can. Therefore, Cancel Culture and Cancel Any Discussion must be seen as a protective mechanism for a harmful ideology.

A good, pro-survival idea can win any discussion. A good, pro-survival idea constantly seeks discussion to prove it is better. Open discussion in the Age of Enlightenment brought Europe forward. The Cancel culture, on the other hand, throws us back to the Dark Ages. I don't think even in the Dark Ages there were as many homeless people as there are in California today.

We need to shake off destructive ideologies, just as the people of the Eastern Bloc shook off the communist regime in 1989.

  Article in Energy:Construction

Energie:Bau reported in detail on my presentation to the Upper Austrian Conference of Mayors. Go to the article.

A club member donates his membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a stock corporation. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or homebuyer, you will also become part of the countermovement against many negative developments in our society that are detrimental to our survival.

A new shareholder said "I with my very modest investment", but 4,000 times 1,000 € is also 4 million for all investments until the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for worldwide expansion.

Only the Annual General Meeting can resolve the major capital increases, but here is what the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can resolve. The new capital stock is used to perfect the documents for the larger planned capital increases.

Here are the details.
          Russia 1917 - California today: If you look only at GNP per capita, California should be paradise on earth. If you look at the details, however, it is hell on earth.