Design of mental weapons of mass destruction

Example climate change: create an artificial argument about it in such a way that no matter whether climate activists or climate deniers win, it is a disaster in both cases.

  Mental Mase Destruction Weapons

The first mental weapon of mass destruction happened to be designed by a confused theorist. Nevertheless, the Lenin bomb had catastrophic effects. We must assume that mankind is currently being attacked with a much worse mental weapon of mass destruction designed by professionals.

By putting ourselves in the mindset of the designers of this mental weapon of mass destruction, we can better understand its design and intended effects.

  Problem CO2 as a greenhouse gas

The industrial revolution was based on massive use of fossil energy. This process has increased the CO2 content of the atmosphere from 280 ppm to over 420 ppm CO2 to date. In the other direction, 190 ppm is ice age. It is well known that thawing permafrost can cause a thermal run-away. This results in the following process:
  • Convert energy system to CO2-free
  • Determine the ideal CO2 content
  • Achieving the ideal CO2 content
In the 1800s at 280 ppm, the global climate was somewhat cool. Today, 420 ppm leads to extreme weather events, thawing permafrost could release enormous amounts of greenhouse gases. The ideal level could be 350 ppm.

  Let's think of the maximum sabotage to it

  • Promote wrong target
  • Promote wrong methods
  • Cause maximum resistance of the population
The wrong target, net zero emissions, is mentioned everywhere. It is claimed that 2 tons of CO2 emission per person and year may be emitted. So says Greenpeace, supposedly an environmental organization.

The wrong methods would result directly from the wrong objectives: saving, limiting, renouncing. Terrible visions of the future are designed, where this saving, limiting, renouncing is enforced with coercion.

The maximum resistance of the population results directly from the wrong methods.

  No matter who wins, it's a disaster

The alleged climate protectors could win. With deindustrialization, humanity would be far from being able to even approach the goal of ideal CO2 levels. The resistance against climate protection could win. In both cases a catastrophe, in both cases the enemies of mankind would have won.

  Cancel culture and cancel any discussion

This chapter was already in the last newsletter. The above-mentioned procedure must of course be protected in the best possible way. In an open discussion the nonsense would be settled very quickly. So the followers of the destructive nonsense must be made to regard their ideas as the only, sole, incontrovertible truth, everything else are enemies. With this approach, the Catholic Church was successful for a long time in the Middle Ages.

After all, one would assume that there are technically minded reasonable people in the photovoltaic forum. I saved 22 pages of this discussion on June 6. Now all but one page has been deleted. Here's the discussion. I was kicked out of there once as "founder" and then logged in as "Robert Wilden". The idea of a demand-responsive grid feed-in is vehemently opposed.

Please read this chapter again now that you have seen how I am treated in the photovoltaic forum.

The first sure sign of destructive ideas, ideologies and dogmas is the ban on discussion and organized attacks on dissenters.

For this I recommend this video from a game theorist
  • I do not discuss with you
  • I break off the discussion because of their stupid views
  • You don't talk to right-wing radicals
  • You don't talk to Nazis
  • You do not talk to racists
  • You are a saboteur paid by the fossil energy lobby
  • No response to arguments, but immediate insults
Those who spread a harmful ideology naturally want to protect it as best they can. Therefore, Cancel Culture and Cancel Any Discussion must be seen as a protective mechanism for a harmful ideology.

A good, pro-survival idea can win any discussion. A good, pro-survival idea constantly seeks discussion to prove it is better. Open discussion in the Age of Enlightenment brought Europe forward. The Cancel culture, on the other hand, throws us back to the Dark Ages. I don't think even in the Dark Ages there were as many homeless people as there are in California today.

We need to shake off destructive ideologies, just as the people of the Eastern Bloc shook off the communist regime in 1989.

  VEE Saxony live on YouTube

Just to prove the above circumstances in a practical experiment, I was on Friday from 11:00 to 12:40 at the live stream of VEE-Saxony about "#LIVE | Energiewende im Lichte von Ausbau und Akzeptanz - Zum Umgang mit Bürgerprotesten VEE Sachsen e.V.".

I did a lot of input in the chat, of course.
In usual politician bla bla was answered one.

How much grid expansion would be necessary if 3 kWh of batteries and demand-responsive grid feed-in were immediately required per kW peak of photovoltaics? How is an energy transition supposed to work without batteries? No one wanted to answer that yesterday.

  Article in Energy:Construction

Energie:Bau reported in detail on my presentation to the Upper Austrian Conference of Mayors. Go to the article.

A club member donates his membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a stock corporation. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or homebuyer, you will also become part of the countermovement against many negative developments in our society that are detrimental to our survival.

A new shareholder said "I with my very modest investment", but 4,000 times 1,000 € is also 4 million for all investments until the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for worldwide expansion.

Only the Annual General Meeting can resolve the major capital increases, but here is what the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can resolve. The new capital stock is used to perfect the documents for the larger planned capital increases.

Here are the details.
          Design of mental weapons of mass destruction: Example climate change: create an artificial argument about it in such a way that no matter whether climate activists or climate deniers win, it is a disaster in both cases.