Science was leveraged

Was criticism of Lyssenko's socialist biology possible under Stalin? Is criticism of the storage-less energy transition possible among uneducated green dogmatists?

  Science was leveraged

Science means a constant search for the truth. Theories are tested with ever better technology and ever better methods. Theories are developed only to be disproved or to be recognized as the new state of science.

Every time this process is interrupted, it leads to disaster. Thus, Lyssenko invented a socialist biology. This was against all scientific knowledge of that time. But if you win the friendship of Stalin, then it is the only unassailable scientific truth in Stalin's sphere of power.

Lyssenko was responsible for many millions of deaths from starvation. For many executed peasants who were forced to cultivate according to the Lyssenko method and then sentenced to death for sabotage after crop failures.

  Graichen without power storage

The limitist theory of an energy transition without electricity storage is as stupid as the socialist biology under Lyssenko. Limitism is an ideology that regards "saving restricting renouncing" as the sole solution to all problems.

The German photovoltaic industry was only destroyed in 2013. Regarding the lobby work 70 GW expansion target one can only say: Whoever has such a lobby does not need any more enemies.

But this work of destruction was not enough: In 2014, there was already the next blow against a functional energy transition:
  • Deutschlandfunk: "The expansion of renewable energies does not have to wait for electricity storage facilities." Agora director Patrick Graichen is convinced.
  • FAZ: The energy transition does not need electricity storage facilities
  • Photovoltaics.EU: Energy transition also possible without storage facilities
  • The main message was that the energy transition will work for the next 10 to 20 years without electricity storage, despite all the critics.
In a normal scientific establishment, such a statement would have been immediately dismantled. Was criticism of Lyssenko's socialist biology possible under Stalin? Is a criticism of the storage-less energy turnaround possible under scientifically uneducated green dogmatists? We must assume that the scientific system in Germany is just as corrupted as in the USSR under Stalin.

Criticism of the nonsense? On the contrary, if one wants to be successful in the pseudo-scientific business, one must ingratiate oneself to such nonsense. As the summit of the ingratiation to the nonsense, the Fraunhofer Institute made a study about an almost storage-less power system in the year 2050.

  Inefficient and wear intensive operating method

Here is an excerpt from a discussion in the Facebook group Energiewirtschaft Deutschland.

Peter Preusser
Roland Mösl I was responsible for planning power plants, especially coal-fired power plants, for many years. It is true that the units are not capable of fast starts. Today, the load change speeds, the rotating masses, the storage capacity of the steam generators and - if it has to go fast - measures like bypassing the preheating lines compensate for the volatilities of wind power and PV. See below for a picture.

Roland Mösl
Peter Preusser These are all efficiency-reducing measures that are only necessary because the EEG morons forgot about the batteries. Please describe the efficiencies and additional wear caused by such measures.

Peter Preusser
Roland Mösl All of this and also the fact that the power plants have to be kept ready / operated at minimum load and thus contribute to negative prices is, as you say, the fault of those who did not think that the storage facilities were necessary until now, in the first place Patrick Graichen as recently as 2014.

  Flutter power and standby power plants

What are the main criticisms of the energy transition? Flutter power and the standby operation of calorific power plants to compensate for forecast errors for wind energy. All problems because no batteries were wanted in the energy transition. Graichen even became state secretary in the traffic light coalition. His reason for resigning is also symptomatic of the system: the unscientific nonsense of the energy transition without storage was not the reason for his resignation. Everything else is completely beside the point. Spreading and enforcing utter nonsense that has led to enormous economic damage should have been the reason for resignation.

  The total conditioning

Twice all my postings were deleted and I was mobbed in the I posted about the necessary accumulators for a functional energy transition. I thought experts would discuss there, but far from it, they had internalized the storage-less energy transition in such a way that they saw any criticism of it as a serious attack on their personality.

Similarly in many other discussions. Many opinion leaders have been guilty of perpetuating completely unscientific claims.

  Optimism in a time of collapse

What future prospects can be named for today's children? The majority of society has only extremely negative views of the future. This applies to housing alone, a central need of every human being. The search query "housing Germany" brings only disaster reports in the search results. The problems are not to be mastered with conventional methods any longer. Completely new ways of thinking are needed.

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          Science was leveraged: Was criticism of Lyssenko's socialist biology possible under Stalin? Is criticism of the storage-less energy transition possible among uneducated green dogmatists?