Stolen future, a society at the end

For almost two decades, I have been writing about Germany “The Land of Heavy-Bearing Concerns.” The burden of concerns is so heavy that they almost collapse.

  Behavioral Science

The first time I read about major differences in two population groups was in 1990, when there was a personality test. The test evaluation asked for certain characteristics, “Are you a drug addict? Do you have a serious chronic illness?”. After this had caused a lot of astonishment in the area of the former GDR, a third cause for certain characteristics in the test came up: 40 years of living under a communist regime.

Now I came across dramatic differences between different populations on YouTube itself. Actually, it was a project to promote stock buying and not a behavioral research project. That's why some details are not captured as accurately as they could have been.

  2 minutes short description about the project

There is a German and an English version of this video.

For the German version, separate campaigns were tested for Austria, Bavaria and the rest of Germany, each for the German language.

The CPV - Click to View Rate was highly different there. This means that the ad appears as a video suggestion and how many percent then click on it to watch the video.
  • 3.37 % for Austria
  • 2.26 % for Bavaria
  • 1.61% for the rest of Germany excluding Bavaria
That was the first big surprise, such a big difference.

Here is the breakdown between Germany and Austria according to YouTube Analytics.

Here is the breakdown within Germany according to YouTube Analytics.

By the end, only 8.1% of viewers had watched the video.

The CPV for the English version was 3.72%. For USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan each for the English language.

By the end, 29.8% of viewers had watched the video. That's a dramatic difference from the 8.1% of the German version. I would have had to upload the German video several times to capture in detail the behavior of Austria, Bavaria, and the rest of Germany. For Germany without Bavaria versus selected English-speaking countries, there is an order of magnitude difference between how many times a message has to be shown before someone watches the video to the end.

The message is optimism, new technology, new solutions to problems, a rising standard of living is possible. This message is received an order of magnitude better in other countries than in Germany.

Why did GDR citizens show characteristics in personality tests in 1990 that were only found in drug addicts and chronically ill people in the West? Because in the GDR, people were severely hindered in their free development of personality.

Why do Germans reject optimism, new technology and new solutions to problems so much? These would be great research topics, great topics for dissertations, but they are not written because of the fear of destroying one's career. I can only make some assumptions:

  Heavy carrying doubters

For almost two decades, I have been writing about Germany “The Land of Heavy-Bearing Concerns.” The burden of concerns is so heavy that they almost collapse. For every solution, countless problems are invented. I noticed this especially in my time of electric scooter tests 2006 to 2011. More often I was attacked in discussions “This is not possible, all just made up”. Yes, there were my real tests and there were the made up problems of the heavy carrying doubters that my real tests are simply not possible.

  Constant Saving Restricting Renouncing Sermons

There is the real problem that we have to switch to renewable energy. There is a German energy turnaround, where the morons have forgotten about the batteries. As a “solution” only saving, limiting, renouncing is constantly preached and when the preachers come to power, brutally enforced.

One is even under the delusion that this is a great export article, that the world is to be healed by the German way.

  Constant guilt and atonement sermons

For most of them, it is already the generation of their grandparents that was involved. Most of those living now were not eligible to vote in 1933, so they could not exert any influence. Nevertheless, it dominates German politics like no other topic.

This “we have to take in refugees, whatever the cost”. Are there studies on how these refugees are doing? Yes, there are in individual cases, by forensic psychiatrists who certify insanity.

  Reason for optimism as the most important remedy

It is very important to turn this mood. The GEMINI next generation house, the 1 million ha land for energy program for Germany will be great solutions to problems, but right now these would be remedies against the great pessimism of society.

  Opinion poll

Let's assume the monthly expenditure for household, space heating, hot water, electric car charging and loan installment for a house would be 900 € per month. In addition, there is the financing of the building site.

Go here for the opinion poll.

Please participate, this runs for another week, next newsletter I will present the results.

  Optimism in a time of collapse

What future prospects can be named for today's children? The majority of society has only extremely negative views of the future. This applies to housing alone, a central need of every human being. The search query “housing Germany” brings only disaster reports in the search results. The problems are not to be mastered with conventional methods any longer. Completely new ways of thinking are needed.

If you support these completely new ways of thinking by buying shares, then in a few years you will not only be able to say “I contributed to this”, but you will probably also be able to look forward to a considerable increase in the value of these shares.

  Become a shareholder of GEMINI next Generation AG

A club member donates his membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a stock corporation. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or homebuyer, you will also become part of the countermovement against many negative developments in our society that are detrimental to our survival.

A new shareholder said “I with my very modest investment”, but 4,000 times 1,000 € is also 4 million for all investments until the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for worldwide expansion.

Only the Annual General Meeting can resolve the major capital increases, but here is what the Executive Board and Supervisory Board can resolve. The new capital stock is used to perfect the documents for the larger planned capital increases.

Since the last newsletter, there are 5 new shareholders and €15,800 more in the escrow account for the capital increase. There is a reward program for recommending the share. Two of the new shareholders have become so through this reward program.

Here are the details.
          Stolen future, a society at the end: For almost two decades, I have been writing about Germany “The Land of Heavy-Bearing Concerns.” The burden of concerns is so heavy that they almost collapse.