About houses of cards and houses of the future

House of cards: successful short-term speculation and insolvency records. Future house: a positive change in civilization, long-term success.

How do you make it into the top 5 largest insolvencies in Austria three times? According to the "Kleine Zeitung", 3 Signa companies managed to take 1st, 2nd and 5th place.

  The house of cards business model

You just have to firmly believe in three principles and be very convincing that investors also believe in them.
  • The value of real estate can only ever increase
  • The interest rate for loans can only ever remain extremely low
  • The increase in the value of real estate is always greater than the interest rate on the loan
As long as all three principles of faith are in line with reality, you can become a big shot. But woe betide you if reality no longer matches the principles of faith.

  The future houses business model

We need a house from the year 2092, but we don't yet know what it will look like. A leap over a hundred years of development, because we don't have enough time to wait for this period.

Great new achievements are expected in many areas, but not within our own four walls. Technical adventures are sought in many places - members of our civilization have even made it to the moon - but not within our own four walls. As members of a high-tech civilization, we know the technical specifications of many different devices, but the technical specifications of our own four walls are completely unknown to most of us.

Collect a few brochures. A myriad of technical data jumps out at you. Only one type of brochure can't keep up with the number of technical data. Which one? The one about houses and apartments, of course. Buying a house or apartment is by far the biggest investment a private individual makes.

Why does it actually say 2092? Because 2092 is one hundred years in the future from 1992 and this is stated in the Book "Rise of the Solar Age". It is the introduction to the chapter GEMINI specifications. That's why it's called "GEMINI next generation", because the first generation was conceived in 1991.

It is an analysis of how a civilization of 10 billion people can best be supplied with living space and energy.

It is the exact opposite of René Benko's business model: long-term success and a positive change in our civilization instead of short-term glitter.

  Conversation with someone who does not believe in the cause of CO2 emissions

On Friday evening, I was once again on the Austrian referendum website. This resulted in a 50-minute telephone conversation with someone who does not believe that mankind's CO2 emissions are causing climate change. The conversation began with the question "What do you think about global prosperity?" and ended with the statement "If we agree on 90% of all views, then there is no need to argue about the last 10%".

Have you ever tried to ask a so-called "climate protector" the question "What do you think about global prosperity"? Even then, the categorical imperative to "save, limit, renounce" would have come, the accusation of being an arrogant old white man who wants to continue to indulge in his prosperity based on exploitation. I have therefore never opened a conversation with a so-called "climate activist" with the question "What do you think about global prosperity".

No matter how carefully you open a conversation with a so-called "climate activist", an argument is inevitable. For them, there cannot be a single deviation from the one true faith. Any deviation immediately triggers an argument, a fierce demand for commitment to the one true faith. This fundamentalist attitude has turned the self-proclaimed "climate protectors" into the worst enemies of climate protection.

  We will need a lot of energy to recycle

The longer a civilization exists, the more perfect recycling must become. The need for 90% recycling becomes the need for 99% recycling. This is followed by 99.9% and 99.99%. It doesn't matter which commodity, none of them are made to last forever, but the materials they are made of must be available to civilization again. Just imagine if we did not recycle an old smartphone every 5 years. After 5 billion years, that would be 150,000 tons of smartphones. With 10 billion people, that would be enough to form an asteroid with a diameter of 150 km.

It would be even worse if a person did not recycle the exhaust gases from disposable energy. 4 tons per year would be 20,000,000,000 tons in 5 billion years. With 10 billion people 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. That would be a planet made of liquid CO2 with a diameter of 7,027 km. Purely theoretically, because neither oxygen nor carbon would be available.

In the next 1/4 century, we will be busy phasing out throwaway energy. Only then will more and more clean energy be available for complex recycling tasks. "If we agree on 90% of all views, then it is superfluous to argue about the last 10%", it is completely superfluous to argue about this last 10% now if a decision on it is only necessary in a quarter of a century.

The situation is completely different with the nonsense of net zero emissions. For a quick and safe exit from disposable energy, the photovoltaic industry and battery industry must be expanded as quickly as possible, which is denied by the net-zero emissions faction. A "study" has just been published: only 8% annual growth in the photovoltaic industry.

The best remedy against these would-be destroyers of civilization is a vision of the future with worldwide prosperity: 100,000 hectares of energy-optimized settlements in Austria, 1,000,000 hectares of energy-optimized settlements in Germany, 1,000,000 km² of energy-optimized settlements worldwide, producing 120,000 TWh of electricity per year, which is more than 4 times the current global production.

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  Optimism in a time of collapse

What prospects for the future can children of today be given? The majority of society only mentions extremely negative images of the future. Even when it comes to housing, a central need for everyone. The search query "housing in Germany" only brings up disaster reports in the search results. The problems can no longer be solved using conventional methods. Completely new approaches are needed.

If you support these completely new ways of thinking by buying shares, then in a few years' time you will not only be able to say "I contributed to this", but you will probably also be able to look back on a considerable increase in the value of these shares.

  Become a shareholder of GEMINI next Generation AG

A club member donates their membership fee to the club and is happy if the club is successful. If not, I have supported a good cause.

A shareholder acquires shares in a public limited company. If the AG is successful, his shares are worth much more. In the case of GEMINI next Generation AG, his reward for supporting a good cause.

As a shareholder, employee or home buyer, you also become part of the counter-movement against many negative, anti-survival developments in our society.

One new shareholder said "I with my very modest investment", but €4,000 times €1,000 is also €4 million for all investments up to the opening of the settlement in Unken as a starting point for global expansion.

Only the Annual General Meeting can decide on major capital increases, but here is what the Management Board and Supervisory Board can decide. The new share capital serves to perfect the documents for the larger planned capital increases.

There is a reward program for recommending the share to others. Two of the new shareholders have become shareholders through this reward program.

Here are the details.

Watch out! A major promotion is planned for mid-February in which the shares will be offered at a significantly higher price. Buy in good time before the price correction!
          About houses of cards and houses of the future: House of cards: successful short-term speculation and insolvency records. Future house: a positive change in civilization, long-term success. https://2023.pege.org/12-31/